Large format printing NYC

NY City Wraps is where you go to brand your business better than your competitors, and complete vinyl and rigid printing projects on time, on the budget and with no headaches. We are the true #1 car wraps, plastic signs, trade show solutions and flatbed printing provider in New York City. Don’t believe it? Try us. Read More

Car Wraps

Design, print and install. We take you through the process of wrapping your vehicle from the beginning to end.

Bus & Fleet Wraps

Two-floor or shuttle, we wrapped them all. More design space equals grater impact of your message.

Vinyl Signs & Lettering

Deliver your message with a no-size-limit vinyl banner, lettering, or a sign. Step & Repeat and promotional signs.

Foam board Signs

We offer a wide range of rigid substrates as, corrugated plastic, gator boards, foam core boards, Syntra and PVC

Prints On Wood

We print on birch, maple and wood, with a raw and pre-finished option. You can even engrave-in your print or cut it to a custom shape.

Plexi and Metal Prints

We offer print on transparent, colored or milked plexi. If you are looking for an extra shine, print on metal are the right solution.

Car Decals

Not ready for a full car wrap? Car decals might be the solution. Magnetic & permanent vinyl.

Vinyl Signs

Deliver your message with a no-size-limit vinyl banner, or sign. Step & Repeat and promotional signs.

CNC Routing

Engrave or cut out a sign to shape. We can cut through many different substrates, like foam boards, wood, metal, plexi and vinyl.

Rigid Printing & CNC Routing

Our Flatbed Printing equipment allows us to print on virtually anything. From regular print substrates as foam boards, acrylic boards, metals and wood, to mirrors, canvases and textiles. But what we can do does not end with limitless printing possibilities. We can also cut anything to a custom shape, or even engrave in virtually everything with our top of the line, CNC routers and Flatbed cutters.


Do you have an unusual project, which requires some form of printing? Well, most likely what you are looking for will require rigid printing. This, sometimes called flatbed or UV printing technique simply applies to anything that is printed on a rigid, or stiff/hard,  material. What it means is that whether it is a 10 foot long wood board, metal sign or two inch thick foam board, we can print on it.


What fun would all the rigid printing be, if we could not make all the substrates custom shape? The simple answer is: not much. CNC routing and flatbed cutting is inseparable when creating custom tailored signage solutions. We can cut or engrave with a 0.01 inch precision, with a flatbed router and cutter, which unlike traditional CNC machine, reads printed registration marks, giving to space for errors.


Rigid printing and flatbed cutting might seam like complicated terms at first, but what they really stand for is making signs from anything and everything at any shape and form. Simple.

Vehicle Wraps NY

Years of vinyl wrapping experience and the love and knowledge of car wraps design, made us the #1 vinyl car wrap provider in New York City.


Vinyl wrapping has an abundance of diverse applications, but car wraps are the most popular. There are many benefits of vinyl wrapping a vehicle. For one, a wrapped car will work as a constant advertising tool. Second, the vinyl adhesive actually protects your car from any scratches.


We are not bias on the topic, since we love wrapping cars, but it seams like a no-braner when it comes to vinyl wrapping a business vehicle. This is also why we specialize in commercial vehicle wraps. Creating a brand is not where marketing ends, actually it is where it begins. Having experienced marketers on staff, we can assure you that our goal behind wrapping your cars is not for it to ‘look pretty,’ what we are doing is creating brand reinforcement.


Communicating your brand visually, in today’s day and age, is a must. Do it right with. We can help.

We amplify your brand’s image. We communicate your brand’s message. We create custom made solutions, for all your design and printing needs. We promise to make your vision a reality. As a growing woman-owned & operated business, there’s no project too big or too small for us. Fleet wraps, car wraps and all other vinyl wraps, you name it, we got you covered. ‘Cause we love what we do – and we do it well.






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Car Wraps

Decals Design, Print & Install

Decals Design, Print & Install

We specialize in all kinds of Vinyl Wraps, but what we love the most is wrapping cars. Car Wraps promote your business, which means that they grow your business. Our wraps are more than prints, we build strategic visual communication plans with our designs. One might say that, it’s our business, to bring you more business.

Vinyl Wraps

You dream it, we wrap it

You dream it, we wrap it

At NY City Wraps we love to wrap things, no surprise there, but vinyl applications are not limited to car wraps. We specialize in wrapping anything and everything: walls, windows, elevators, vending machines, lockers, furniture, columns and the list goes on. We can apply vinyl wraps to any surface. Bring on the challange!

Flatbed Printing

Decals& Wall Vinyl Decals

Decals& Wall Vinyl Decals

Whether you want to post storefront hours on your windows, or completely transform your storefront or walls with graphics – vinyl decals will get the job done. We have a lot of experience designing, printing and installing vinyl decals, and most importantly, we know how to deliver your project quick, hassle free and on a budget.