Car Branding – extend your brand messaging.

Brooklyn Harbor Matte Black Vehicle Wrap

Car Branding – extend your brand messaging.

Tell your story through car branding

I am sure you have seen the colorful and eye-catchy car graphics. Some better than others, yet nearly all capture your attention at least for few seconds. Many brands greatly benefit from brand marking their cars, because it turns your vehicles into moving billboards.

We can all agree that more exposure can lead to more business, more customers and more sales. If this is the case, why all company vehicles are not successfully branded?

The answer is not as simple as it might seam. Not a lot of companies can do a good job wrapping your vehicles. Usually, print shops specialize in printing and matching the correct vinyl application to the car surface, and believe me there are hundreds and hundreds of different vinyl and laminate combo options.

Now, design is frequently an entirely different beast. Of course you can hire and outsource a designer who might have some experience in printing. Let me stop you there. Printing and large format printing are very different. Usually the designers who have, what they might call a “print portfolio”, will have experience designing packaging, t-shirt designs, posters and business cards. Car decals or car wraps that are made for car branding is a niche segment of print design experience that is difficult to come around.

Here are 3 main point which you need to look for when choosing a company to do your car branding.

1. It is always best to find a company that designs and prints under one roof.

They are hard to find, but many are out there. It would be a shame if I would not mention our Ez2Wrap, servicing the grater NYC area, but what if you are on the opposite end of the country? Well, from our experience, we learned that the less parties involved in your vehicle branding the better.

Print studios know that each vehicle is different, and one cannot fully follow the vehicle template that a car wrap is designed on. On numerous occasions we actually completely alter the design due to specific vehicle-body elements, that might be original or post-market installed.

Did I mention curves? This is a big one. Car wraps are designed in photoshop or Illustrator, meaning that a designer works on them in a two dimensional graphic application. What you see on the screen, and what you might approve as your final design, most certainly will not look like that on the car. Scaling is a very important part of the car branding design, and unfortunately one needs to have a great knowledge of how the vinyl will apply to specific edges and curves of the car that is getting wrapped.

2. Make sure that design is the “key”.

Once you found your print and design studio, now make sure that the emphasis is on the design. This might sound weird in the beginning, but printing should only allocate to 25% of your “car branding worries”. Of course, finding the correct car wrapping vinyl and laminate is crucial, but this you leave to the print specialists – we got this.

Design is the difficult part, and it is not because we are not experienced, quite the contrary – we know how difficult successful design is. At Ez2Wrap, we think of your design not as graphics, but as brand messaging. It is not meant to be only visually pleasing, but it needs to be effective in conveying your brands voice, tone and mission.

Never believe the print and design studios who tell you that they will get your design right in three tries, or mockups. From experience, we know that sometime the design process takes months!

This process is, lets say, the “meat” of your sandwich. Make sure to spend most time on this step of the process in getting hitting home run with your car branding.

3. Know the process.

This cannot be emphasized. Now you know that finding a place that prints and design is important, and than focusing on design is crucial – but what comes next?

Printing and installation. This you leave for the company of your choice, but still make sure that you understand what will follow after your car is wrapped.

You can treat your wrapped cars, just as unwrapped cars. For example, they can go through a car wash, without any special treatment. Also, understand that the longevity of your wrap will depend on where you are located, and where the cars travel. Sun-rays are harmful to the printed ink, and when exposed to strong sunlight the colors will fade more rapidly (especially red).

If you are branding your cars with car decals, make sure to switch or remove your wrap every five years. The vinyl can be there much longer, but because of the outside factors like sun and gust, the car paint might look very different underneath your wrapped are once the vinyl is removed. This issue we see the most with lettering on white box trucks.

This is not an easy process, but is most certainly worth your trouble. Car branding, when done well, just extends your brand messaging beyond your office, stores, and other advertising outlets.

If you have any questions, concerning our process of car wrapping, or any other questions about car branding –contact us! We are always ready to help, and answer all of your questions.

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