Custom Car Wraps

We specialize in all kinds of Vinyl Wraps, but what we love the most is wrapping cars. Our wraps are more than prints, we build strategic visual communication plans with our designs. One might say that, it’s our business, to bring you more business.


Unlike truck wraps, bus wraps, van wraps and other vinyl installs, car wraps are always very different, because there are many different car models. Designing a commercial vehicle wraps on a car can be challenging, depending on how much wrap ‘real estate’ it has. On a fiat 500 for example, the design needs to be very visual and direct, in order to fully utilize the wrap space.


Many business owners are not aware of the fact that every personal, without commercial plates, car can be wrapped. In New York States, you can advertise your business with a wrap on a personal car if you are willing not to include your business’s address. This means that you logo, your name, website and even your phone number can be a part of your noncommercial car vehicle wrap

Brooklyn Harbor Van Wrap
Car Wrap

Looking to get your Car Wrapped?

At NY City Wraps we want to deliver your projects headache-free, and to do so we simplified our production process as much as it was possible. Know what is involved in getting your food trucks wrapped

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