Fleet Wraps

A fleet of Fiat 500s, and a Fleet of 40ft trailers have the same thing in common. Both, equally promote you brand and represent your business on the road. Both effectively and efficiently.


It is not easy to overlook a single creatively designed car wrap, but it is nearly impossible to overlook an entire fleet! At NY City Wraps we love fleet wraps projects because we understand the impact that a well designed, printed and installed fleet can deliver.


If you own a fleet, your day to day operations are more likely very complex and hectic to say the least. We get that, and this is why our process is simple, headache-free and quick.


We do not only wrap fleet vehicles, we strategize the design. It is far from simple. Knowing what your brand stands for, and with what voice it communicate with your customers, we deliver a tailored visual communications solution.


Once we finalize the graphics, production process begins. We understand that your vehicles are work vehicles, that’s why we often offer wrapping on your premises, to make this process easier on you, the client.


What we try to do, is make fleet wrapping obstacle-free and shorten the time that your cars are off the road. But most importantly, we want to tailor a strategic marketing solution for your brand.


Matte car wrap

Looking to Wrap your Fleet?

At NY City Wraps we want to deliver your projects headache-free, and to do so we simplified our production process as much as it was possible. Know what is involved in getting your fleet wrapped

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