Truck Wraps

Truck wraps literally transform your trucks into moving billboards. There is no better vehicle to wrap, since trucks offer the best ‘real estate’ among all car wrap projects.


Designing a Box Truck is fun, but what is even more fun is seeing how much impressions it gets everyday from new potential clients. It is reported that approximately 30,000 people can see a vehicle that is driving on NYC’s streets in one day, during regular business hours. Knowing that, maybe driving around the city, or even standing in traffic will not be as frustrating.


Advertising can be expensive, and the larger it is, the grater the cost. This logic does not work with truck wraps. A wrapped truck is much less expensive than a traditional billboard, and more direct than online advertising. Even if you are not looking to widen the presence of your brand, it will represent your business as professional and reliable. A truck wrap simply demands attention.

Box Truck Car Wrap

Looking to Wrap your Truck?

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