Vinyl Wraps

Yes, we like wrapping things. Can’t really hide it with a name like NY City Wraps. Right next to our favorite car wraps are other vinyl wraps.


Vinyl wraps are adhered graphics onto any three dimensional object. You name it, we have wrapped it: furniture, refrigerators, elevators, garbage cans, desks, boats, garden speakers, toy cars, vending machines and more.


Vinyl wraps can transform any object into something else. There are no limits in what you can design for specific objects. Applications for vinyl wraps are also endless. Are you having an event and need to wrap some oversized boxes or human-size cans? We got you.


The more complex the object yo want to wrap, the more difficult is the wrapping process, therefore consulting us with a detailed explanation and pictures of the desired vinyl wrap, or the object to be wrapped is the first step of this process. Once we know what we are wrapping we will send you few mockups, and will not print until you are completely satisfied with the design. Then comes time for installation. NY City Wraps has expert vinyl installers that can work with virtually any surface and any media.

Looking to get something wrapped?

At NY City Wraps we want to deliver your projects headache-free, and to do so we simplified our production process as much as it was possible. Know what is involved in getting your anything wrapped

See examples of our Vinyl Wraps