Wall Decals

Removable or permanent, wall decals come in many different forms and applications. We can print and cut your company’s logo, or create a custom made decorative vinyl decal for your home.


We get creative with our wall decals. Walls are a great installation platform, without any obstacles, so vinyl applications give us a little more options, than for example three-dimensional surfaces, like furnitures or cars. Wall decals can be as small as 1inch gallery vinyl letters, and as large as wall murals that cover the wall from floor to the celling.


Knowing that, designing your wall decals is fun. NY City Wraps is equipped with the latest technology printers and cutters, and we can make a wall decal any size, any color and any counour-cut. We make them all!


When thinking of what decal you would want to see on your wall, it is always first to determine the size. Second, think of the material. Would you like the decal to be removable? If so, it’s durability will not be as long as a permanent decal. Third, and last step is deciding what your decal will actually be graphically. Is it text, or image? Will it be one color, or a regular printed graphic?


And, if you are not sure, simply give us a call. We will guide you, and ensure a simple and quick process of getting your wall decals.

Adidas Window Vinyl wrap

Looking to get decals for your walls?

At NY City Wraps we want to deliver your projects headache-free, and to do so we simplified our production process as much as it was possible. Know what is involved in getting your decals

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